Is Shilajit bad for Stomach?

By Rhyss | Updated on July 3, 2023
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Stomach health was and will always be the top priority for anyone. After all, your gut health tells a lot about your overall health. The gut is linked with the brain so whenever you have an upset stomach, you might feel a little bit irritated, agitated, or anxious for no reason.

Shilajit, a natural and pure compound, is rich in nutrients that aid in digestion. This thousand-year-old herbomineral is said to cure every gut-related disease that we face in our day-to-day life. Aside from probiotic and prebiotic dimensions, from a chemical balance perspective Shilajit aka Mumijo plays an interesting part.

Whatever the case may be, many of you might still be wondering if it is really good for your gut or if is Shilajit bad for the stomach. Let’s find out!

Key Takeaways:

  • Reduces Peptic Ulcers.
  • Its Anti-Microbial properties support overall stomach health.
  • Influences the redox state directly strengthening the gut biome.
  • Contains Benzoic acid that aids in better and easy digestion of food.

Is Shilajit bad for the stomach?

No, it is not bad for your stomach, and on the contrary, it is incredibly good for the gut. In the modern world, there are a plethora of food choices, of which, the majority are really bad for your stomach.

The three main attributes declining your gut health are:
1) Eating lots of processed and junk foods.
2) No physical exercise and becoming a couch potato.
3) Consuming antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medicines due to poor lifestyle choices directly results in the reduction of digestive acids inside the belly.

In order to function properly, your gut needs a good balance between acids, good bacteria, and minerals. Unfortunately, due to today’s lifestyle, where everything is fast-paced, the majority of us are facing stomach issues. According to Gastro.Org, nearly 60-70 million Americans are facing a gastrointestinal disease that is severely hampering their daily life.

Although there are some diseases that require serious medical evaluation, adding Shilajit to your day-to-day habits will definitely help shape your overall stomach health. Studies have shown that if you incorporate Shilajit into your daily routine, you will do your digestive system a big favor.

Shilajit effect on Stomach (1)
Shilajit has these effects on the Gut.

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How does Shilajit help in improving stomach health?

i) Fulvic Acid Increases Good Bacteria Inside the Stomach

Shilajit aka Mineral pitch contains anti-microbial properties which help in supporting gut health. In addition to this, Fulvic Acid, a rich substance found inside Shilajit, provides vital nutrients and enzymes necessary for satisfactory gut function. It also increases the efficiency of bacteria present in the stomach and helps in nutrient absorption which in turn also aids the body in building muscle. According to a 2017 study, Fulvic acid, which is a humic acid substance, is able to increase the preexisting bacteria groups inside the stomach.

ii) Shilajit Helps in Peptic Ulcers

It’s not only foods that directly impact your stomach health, but also a good balance of acid inside your belly. If any sort of disbalance occurs, it results in serious complications, like a Peptic ulcer. Pepsin is one of three enzymes the digestive system produces. Its main job is to break down protein from foods into smaller portions in order to make it easy for digestion. But if Pepsin makes too much acid it inadvertently attacks the stomach resulting in peptic ulcer.

Shilajit is rich in Fulvic Acid, which is like a miracle chemical for the stomach. A study concluded that Mumijo aka Shilajit might help in dealing with peptic ulcers thanks to its potent antiulcer properties. It reduces pepsin secretion and decreases acid formulations.

Shilajit and Peptic Ulcer
Shilajit helps in curing Peptic ulcers.

According to the study, the subjects that were fed Shilajit showed a drastic reduction in gastric lesions as compared to the other group. Moreover, several other studies have shown Shilajit contains phenolic compounds that help in decreasing acid and pepsin secretion inside the belly. Not only this, but the study also found that daily intake of Mumijo reduces gastric ulcer index, improves cellular repair and growth, and increases mucin discharge and carbohydrate/protein ratio.

iii) Benzoic Acid Improves Weak Digestive System

Similarly, this herbomineral is rich in Benzoic Acid which is quite possibly an elixir for those who have a weak digestive system. A study concluded that Benzoic acid helps in improving the digestion of nutrients in both humans and animals all thanks to improvements in the pH value of digest, better production of digestion enzymes, and better mucosal structure.

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Does Shilajit upset your stomach?

Well, anything in excess is always bad, be it a good thing or a bad thing. Likewise, it is suggested that you first start taking Shilajit by adding it to your diet every other day. There are several instances where people who took too much Shilajit resin or gummies felt nauseous, dizzy, increase heart rate and itching sensation. However, these symptoms are temporary, and Shilajit doesn’t have a risk of overdose, thanks to its all-natural properties.

Healthy Gut due to Shilajit
Shilajit helps in a healthy gut.

Further, people who are suffering from psychosomatic disorders might feel physical symptoms without any medical explanation. For instance, if you have thoughts connected to taste then upon tasting Shilajit it might trigger nausea.

Final Verdict

There is no denying Shilajit is like a godsend for those who have been suffering from digesting problems throughout their lives. Sadly, there are millions of people who have accepted their digestive condition and have never experienced what a healthy gut feels like.

If you are one of those people, then rest assured, Shilajit is something you need to add to your daily supplement. It has worked wonders for many in the Indian subcontinent for thousands of years and will do the same for us as well.

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