How Long Does It Take For Shilajit To Work?

By Rahul Sharma | Updated on September 8, 2023
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Imagine you are starting to hit the gym, for sure you’d want to know how long it takes for your muscles to grow. Likewise, it is understandable to be curious about how long it takes for Shilajit to work.

Although there is no way to tell exactly when will you start seeing results once you start consuming Shilajit, some studies have determined an average duration it might take Shilajit to show its benefits. So what is the verdict? Let’s find out!

How Long Does It Take For Shilajit To Work?

The time Shilajit takes to work and show its effects depends entirely on person to person. Nevertheless, a lot of sources do claim it might take at least a week or two before you see the full benefits of this ancient mineral herb. But you might see the result in a matter of days as well.

What matters is how your body reacts to this new addition to your diet, the type of lifestyle you have, and obviously how your body structure is defined. It’s like how any diet supplement works, it all relies on what level it works on your body.

Shilajit is best recommened to take daily
Shilajit takes a couple of weeks to show results.

Furthermore, the Placebo effect might also come into play. As we all know, feelings are subjective, everyone interprets them differently. Some people might feel all sorts of positive energy flowing after a single day of Shilajit usage, while it will take some doing for others.

All in all, Shilajit aka Mumijo is bound to work, and to put it plainly, anyone will see the result in around two weeks’ time. The most essential part when it comes to seeing the result is the dosage and consistency. The longer you take Pure Shilajit Resin, Capsule, or Powder, the more benefits will be compounded in the long run.

Shilajit Dosage Recommendation for Best Result

Considered a safe supplement, the recommended dose for Shilajit is about 300 to 500 mg per day. Moreover, it is advised to start with a small dosage of 100 mg a day and gradually increase it for further benefit. Once your body adapts, you can start taking 500 mg per day for maximum benefit.

The dosage is also determined by how active you are and how big is your body structure. Some people even take as much as 1000 mg a day but before you go into such a high dose make sure to consult with a medical supervisor. One thing you need to be mindful of is that you should first counsel your doctor before consuming mineral pitch. 

When you are going to incorporate a diet supplement into your diet, it is imperative to know the proper dosage amount for maximum benefit and now you know. 

What is The Best Time to Take Shilajit?

If we go by what the manufacturers, recommend it’s best that you take Shilajit first thing in the morning, i.e., on an empty stomach. The reason is, that when you take Shilajit on an empty stomach, the absorption rate is much faster and more effective.

Shilajit takes atleast a week or two to show result
Taking Shilajit in the early morning on an empty stomach provides the best result.

This is one of the most highly debated topics in regard to Shilajit. The time to take Shilajit differs from manufacturer to manufacturer. Some might say you can take it in the morning, while some have stated you can take it whenever you want.

Likewise, you can divide your dosage as well throughout the day. If the Shilajit is in powder form, you can drink it with milk or water. On the other hand, if you have bought Shilajit in liquid form, you can dissolve it right into liquid form.

How Long Should You Take Shilajit?

Shilajit is a kind of diet supplement that you can take throughout your life without any harmful side effects. However, for the best result, you should take Shilajit for a year or two. Some people will definitely see early results while for some it will take a bit more time.

This is why, being consistent with your dosage is a must. On the other hand, if you have been taking it for a couple of years then you can stop taking it altogether if you wish, though it is recommended to take this throughout your life. Shilajit isn’t a medicine for a particular disease, it’s a lifestyle overhaul.

Thanks to its all-natural properties, there will never come a time to remove it from your diet.


Shilajit takes at least 2 weeks to show results. However, for overall health improvement, you should take it for at least a year.

Shilajit takes around 1 week or 2 before showing any visible health results. The recommended dosage is between 300mg to 500mg every day. Gradually you can increase your dosage to more than the recommended dosage for faster results. As a natural substance, there remains literally no risk of overdosage.

As for the timing, it is better that you take Pure Shilajit Resin in the early morning on an empty stomach. When you take this ancient herb on an empty stomach, the absorption rate is much faster.

When it comes to how long should you take Shilajit, well you can consume it on a daily basis throughout your life with no side effects. That being said, you can stop taking this dietary supplement after seeing visible results and improvements in your health.

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