How Do You Differentiate Between Real and Fake Shilajit? Ways to Test the Purity of Shilajit

By Rahul Sharma | Updated on August 22, 2023
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Shilajit is known for its miracle-like properties, ranging from improving immunity, enhancing sexual performance to better skin care. Considering how beneficial it is for the body, a lot of companies have jumped at the chance of commercializing Shilajit. Unfortunately, due to Shilajit’s rarity, a lot of the products in the market are counterfeit, which is harmful to the human body.

This is why, it is imperative to differentiate between real and fake Shilajit. So how to do it? Here in this article, we will provide a couple of ways you can test the purity of Shilajit.

How To Distinguish Between Real and Fake Shilajit?

Shilajit is a type of dietary supplement that is not regulated by the FDA, this somehow gives rise to such companies that might sell counterfield mineral pitch. Thankfully, there are a lot of ways by which you can tell between real and fake Shilajit.

Below we list a couple of ways in which you can do that:

Solubility Test

Put a small portion of Shilajit resin into the water. If it dissolves almost instantly, leaves no residue, and turns the water into a golden or reddish liquid, then you have got a winner. Make sure that there is not a single undissolved substance in the bottom of your glass because if there is then you are dealing with a fake.

Burn Test

First, you need to be careful while doing this test. Put Shilajit on fire with the help of a lighter, blow torch, or whatever you have in your arsenal. A real Shilajit won’t burn at all. Even if it reaches a high temperature, it will create bubbles and turn into ash.

Some Shilajit Form Are Often Impure

A lot of sources suggest that the powdered form of Shilajit is not the purest form of Shilajit. In fact, the sources even suggested that powder contains Shilajit between 2 to 30 percent, which is incredibly low. What’s more, in order to finalize the product, companies also add several additives and fillers.

Shilajit powder is often fake due to added additives
Shilajit capsule is often not recommended due to its potential impurities.

Most of the time, Shilajit powder is used for creating Capsules, so sources suggest you stay away from such forms of Shilajit.


This is one of the most common methods of Shilajit purity testing. You see, Shilajit takes form in accordance with the environment temperature, if you put it in a hot temperature it will turn into a gooey and sticky substance and if it is stored in cold surrounding it will turn solid.

While it is in solid form, put the Shilajit inside a plastic bag and smash it with a hammer. A real Shilajit will shatter like a mirror while a fake one will smash into many small pieces.

Alcohol Test

Pure Shilajit will never dissolve in alcohol, just like it does in water. Once you add it to your Shilajit, it will create clots, however, if your so-called Shilajit, aka mumijo, dissolves completely, then you have an additive-laden material.

Why The Need for The Test of Purity?

Shilajit is one of the rarest minerals in the world, though not as much as other resources like uranium. Still, it is rare and due to its rarity, a lot of companies mix Shilajit with other substances in order to finish up the final product.

Shilajit dosage for dogs
Shilajit is found in many different grades.

Moreover, Shilajit is only found in high-altitude regions like Altai or the Himalayas, but that’s not all, even if you climb atop Mount Everest, there is a guarantee you will find it. Once it is found, the journey to scavenge it poses another challenge.

Shilajit is also differentiated on the basis of its grades. A lot of companies might use lower grades of Shilajit but market them as higher grades. The grades by which Shilajit is distinguished are as follows:

Red and Gold (The Best Quality)

Black Rock (The Second Best Found Only in Nepal and Bhutan)

Grey Rock (Silver Grade)

Brown Rock (Used for Liver Imbalances)

5th Grade (Made from Animal Feces and Mostly Useless)

In Conclusion

All in all, you should definitely verify if your Shilajit is fake or not. Given how many counterfeit products are available in the market, it is important to watch out for fake products that directly affect your health.

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