Does Shilajit Have Caffeine?

By Rahul Sharma | Updated on September 5, 2023
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The all-natural diet supplement Shilajit is beneficial for the human body in many ways. From boosting testosterone to enhancing skin health, it really is a godsend supplement. Since Shilajit is good in many ways, a lot of people are curious to know if it also contains Caffeine, the most consumed psychoactive stimulant in the world.

Considering how important caffeine has become in our day-to-day lives, it would be incredible if Shilajit also contains the stimulant. Let’s try to find out.

Does Shilajit Contain Caffeine?

To put it plainly, Shilajit does not contain caffeine. So if you are looking for a stimulant that achieves the same goal as coffee and also has more benefits, that Shilajit is not the one. In fact, there isn’t any other psychoactive stimulant that can possibly replace caffeine.

That being said, a lot of sources do claim that if we infuse Coffee and Shilajit together then we might see much better results than just sipping in the regular Java.

Can I Have Coffee with Shilajit?

Yes, you can absolutely take these two at once. In fact, adding coffee to your Shilajit even accentuates the overall effect of your caffeine. What’s more, using Shilajit also decreases the overall side effects of coffee including lessening the effect of anxiety and irritability, which a lot of people feel after consuming coffee.

Shilajit is a better alternative for coffee
Shilajit is helpful when used together with coffee.

The compound in Shilajit resin imbues the alkaloids present in coffee which in turn helps in increases its effectiveness. What’s more, thanks to the increase in its effectiveness due to Shilajit, your coffee will give you more stimulation, and that too with only 1/4th of the regular dose. Ultimately, Shilajit might even help you cut down on caffeine by helping you feel active and alert with a quarter of what you might be taking daily.

How to Take Coffee and Shilajit Together?

Start out by brewing your coffee just like you do regularly. Now, depending upon the form of Shilajit you are using, mix them together. For instance, if you are using Shilajit resin or powder, just add them directly to the coffee, stir it, and drink it, nice and easy.

On the other hand, if you have a Shilajit capsule, just take the recommended dosage with a sip of coffee. Once you are finished, observe how you feel and adjust the coffee and Shilajit dosage accordingly for that sweet spot.

Will Shilajit Keep Me Awake?

Not necessarily. Shilajit is a dietary supplement and not a stimulant. Though Shilajit helps in improving energy levels, it won’t make you feel alert or keep you awake just like caffeine does.

Shilajit Caffeine
Shilajit does not contain caffeine.

That being said, once you start taking Shilajit you will feel more energized as usual so it will definitely keep you awake, albeit not so much that it will keep you awake.

Is there any Shilajit Coffee?

Like we mentioned before Shilajit doesn’t contain caffeine so naturally there is no coffee containing Shilajit. Nevertheless, you can take both of them together for better results.

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