Shilajit Benefit for Bodybuilding

By Rahul Sharma | Updated on July 3, 2023
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Shilajit is known to have numerous benefits including overall stamina and energy. After all, Shilajit is known as a ‘destroyer of weakness.’ It is most popular as a natural substance that increases vitality and endurance. Safe to say, it is like an elixir for Bodybuilding.

A lot of sources say Shilajit is also beneficial for muscular dystrophy as it helps in both inflammation and pain. In this article, we shall discuss a couple of questions, the benefits of Shilajit for weight lifting, whether can we take Shilajit after a workout, Shilajit dosage for bodybuilding, and more!

Key Takeaways

  • Shilajit helps in post-workout energy replenishment.
  • Shilajit increases ATP production leading to longer workout sessions.
  • Aids the body in absorbing essential nutrients.
  • It is an all-natural supplement with no side effects, unlike any other bodybuilding supplement on the market.
  • Shilajit helps against Muscle Dystrophy thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Helps in post-workout pain relief.

Shilajit Benefit for Bodybuilding

There is a lot of dietary supplement that helps in improving muscle growth and recovery. But of all the supplements we have seen, Shilajit is touted to be the best. So how does Shilajit benefit from Bodybuilding, let’s find out!

1) Increased Stamina during Workout

It is a given fact that while you are lifting heavy your cardiovascular system tanks. The oxygen in your system determines how soon you feel tired while you are working out. Haemoglobin is known for carrying and storing oxygen inside your body. When you are fatigued after exercising, the hemoglobin containing red blood cells flows toward your muscles as per requirement.

Iron is one of the main items needed to produce RBCs. Shilajit is incredibly rich in iron. When you are consuming this ancient herbomineral, it increases the iron content in your blood, resulting in more production of RBC, simultaneously reducing fatigue and muscle soreness.

Moreover, Shilajit is loaded with Fulvic acid, which significantly increases oxygen levels in your body. Fulvic acid is made up of 45% bioavailable oxygen and lessens the lactic acid inside the system. Thanks to Shilajit you can have an elongated session in the gym.

Shilajit is helpful in increasing stamina
Shilajit helps in enhancing endurance.

Meanwhile, this ancient Himalayan mineral also increases Nitric Oxide (NO). A study concluded that after a 12-weeks of therapy in 40 people aged between 18 and 75 years, suffering from type 2 diabetes, people who were given 250 mg PrimaVie Shilajit twice daily showed a 30 percent improvement in NO levels in comparison to the placebo group.

2) Helps in the Absorption of Minerals & Hydration

When you are bodybuilding your body requires faster nutrient absorption in order to not feel lethargic. However, in its natural state, the human body can’t absorb essential minerals swiftly, but thanks to Shilajit’s impressive properties, your nutrition need is fulfilled efficiently.

It helps in faster mineral absorption along with other essential nutrients helping you to feel energized almost immediately. In addition to this, Shilajit aka Mumijo also helps in removing toxic/harmful substances from the cell.

In addition to this, Shilajit’s quick absorption properties help to maintain your body hydration level. This is a game changer because, after a heavy bodybuilding session, your body releases a lot of water in the form of sweat.

3) Safer than Creatine

If you are a bodybuilder then we’re sure you have not shied off from taking one or two supplements, especially Creatine. Although our body naturally creates Creatine, gym goers generally take man-made Creatine.

Shilajit Bodybuilding
Shilajit is a black tar-like substance found in the high altitude range.

Several research has proven that frequent use of Creatine damages the kidneys, heart, and liver in the long run. Thankfully, a diet supplement like Shilajit doesn’t have any creatinine or any other drugs, making it super safe for consumption.

4) Relief in Pain

One thing every bodybuilder can acknowledge is post-workout pain, especially joint pains. Thanks to Shilajit’s anti-oxidant and anti-inflammation properties, it helps with muscle and joint inflammations.

You can even mix Pure Shilajit resin with any other oil and massage your whole body for a better effect.

5) Healthy Mitochondrial Function

Mitochondria are responsible for providing energy in our body. If a person has Dysfunctional mitochondrial, it gives rise to many health complications like increased oxidative stress, decrease in energy production, accelerate aging, less body stamina, and becoming lethargic.

Shilajit, which is rich in Anti-Oxidant shows a positive reaction towards the Mitochondrial respiratory chain/electron transport chain. It reduces Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) levels, especially during heavy weight lifting.

5) Better Skeleton Flexibility and Adaptability

Shilajit helps support skeletal muscles as it improves ECM (extracellular matrix) gene expression. The gene is responsible for maintaining, developing, regeneration, and restoring skeletal muscles.

Numerous studies have suggested Shilajit improves muscle functioning and adaptation of obese people.

Can We Take Shilajit After Workout?

Everyone knows post-workout diet is an essential part of your bodybuilding journey. When you finish your workout, your body tries to rebuild glycogen stores and increases muscle protein. So it is essential that you take something potent post-workout. This is where Shilajit comes in. Apart from your regular workout nutrition, it will be incredible if you incorporate Shilajit into your diet.

A study concluded taking Shilajit daily after exercise results in an increase in energy levels. This also means the ATP production in muscles improves significantly after Shilajit helps in easing the process from energy breakdown to cell use.

Another study stated regular use of Shilajit may also help in extending workout duration. The experimented group showed 13% longevity during exercise and also a 13% rise in ATP.

Apart from this, Shilajit helps in muscle recovery after exercise as well. It contains anti-inflammatory compounds that help in reducing muscle soreness and inflammation after a solid workout. Furthermore, thanks to its Anti-Oxidant properties, Shilajit also reduces oxidative stress helping in better growth and repair of muscle tissue.

Is Shilajit beneficial for Muscular Dystrophy?

For those who don’t know it yet, Muscular Dystrophy is a genetic disease that causes weakness and loss of muscle mass. Over the course of time, this disease decreases mobility and makes every day to day tasks incredibly difficult. This condition is often inherited, but sometimes a person might be the first one in the family to have such a problem.

Shilajit helps in Muscular Dystrophy
Shilajit helps in muscular dystrophy.

While there are a handful of treatments for Muscular Dystrophy, including steroid medications to have muscle strength for as long as possible, stretching, and other exercises, Shilajit can also help. According to a study, it suggested Shilajit is an anti-inflammatory, so it relieves people who are suffering from Muscular Dystrophy by reducing pain and inflammation.

Further, Shilajit also helps in muscle growth, which is essential when it comes to treating Muscular Dystrophy.

Shilajit Dosage for Bodybuilding

Key Takeaways

  • A study concluded a higher dosage of around 500 gm is most beneficial.
  • Higher dosage of Shilajit meant better resistance to fatigue.

Now that you have found out how beneficial Shilajit is for bodybuilding, you might be curious about the dosage instructions. When it comes to bodybuilding, it’s all about watching what you are eating. Bodybuilders who perform in professional competitions are incredibly cautious about what they eat. This is why, dosage becomes an important conversation.

Shilajit, meanwhile, is a dietary supplement that is all-natural and safe. Unlike protein powder or creatine or any other supplement, Shilajit is derived in its all-natural form, meaning it doesn’t have any artificial content or is made from any man-made methods.

A study grouped 63 active men in three different groups, one group was given a low dosage of 250 gm, the second group received a high dosage of 500 gm, and the third one was on a placebo for eight weeks. The study found that people who consumed high dosages of Shilajit were less tired, as opposed to their counterparts. Men who had high dosages of Shilajit had an 8.9% decline in MVIC (Maximal Voluntary Isometric Contraction). This means people who had high Shilajit doses were more resistant to fatigue and hold on to greater levels of maximal muscular strength.

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