How to Test Shilajit ?

How to Test Pure Shilajit Resine? To start with it is very important to read the description of this substance, because only few people know how true Shilajit looks like, that`s why it is possible to be misled easily. We have to remember that genuine Shilajit is hard resinous substance and it`s color can vary from brown to black, and it`s surface is usually matte or shiny and it has slightly grainy texture. Sometimes there are pale grey spots on Shilajit.

This is how genuine Shilajit should look like.


“Shilajit” – in Form of Pills

It would seem that nothing can be more convenient than Shilajit pills, especially when it is for internal use. You will not need to dilute Shilajit with water for long time which means that it can be used more quickly. Some buyers think that quality of such product is also outstanding, but alas practice shows the opposite. In fact, pills in their essence are not Shilajit, but only have in its contents a small fraction of extract of this valuable substance. Shilajit is being a subject to various impacts while pills are made and as a result Shilajit loses its healing properties completely.
What is more, some harmful for human health components are added while pills are being made.


There are several prototypes of this natural remedy from many diseases nowadays. Especially it applies to those moments when pharmacists try to present pills containing Shilajit as a true product. Customers who bought such a product complain that they did not get the true effect. This is a result of all the impurities and adjuncts which are added to Shilajit during manufacture of pharmaceuticals. These additives do not give a negative effect, but positive dynamics is also observed very rarely and more slowly.

Let`s go directly to consideration of ways that will help to reliably recognize what exactly got into your hands – fake Shilajit or true natural substance.

Genuine Shilajit – 5 ways to check

If you break a piece of Shilajit, it will shine with a waxy tint on its fracture, and the fracture itself will necessarily have sharp edges. Shilajit also has crumbling properties, if only it was not softened in the heat before.

  • When Shilajit is being dissolved in pure water there is never any sediment. To confirm this you can strain Shilajit solution through the gauze layer- genuine Shilagit should not have any debris or impurities.
  • Try to dissolve a piece of Shilajit in vegetable oil. It will be impossible if Shilajit is real. If you have real Shilajit in your hands, please try to remember its smell, because it is unique and there is no fake product that can reproduce it.
  • Just crumple a small piece of Shilajit in your hands – genuine Shilajit will become soft very soon.
  • Take 10 mg of substance and dissolve it in 5 ml of water. Remember the color. Then add a pinch of baking soda. Fake Shilajit will change color while genuine will not.

Finally, mostly for complete coverage of the topic rather than for practical purposes we will describe how one of the funders of modern medicine, Aristotle, used to determine if the product was fake or true.
He dissolved Shilajit in the mixture of oil and vinegar, after that the fresh liver of the ram was cut in half and with the help of Shilajit solution they immediately glued it back together. Then they tried to cut the liver with the knife and if Shilajit was real it was difficult to do that, as if the liver was not cut before.

How to Take Natural Shilajit Resin?