What is Shilajit Powder

When searching for information on what shilajit is there is a lot of information that can be found. The one thing that is agreed with across the board when it comes to the question “What is Shilajit?” is that the mineral compound  was originally researched in Ayurveda where the benefits you can read about on here and other places like wikipedia source there information from.

It is often called a super-food, a food that can be can be consumed in very small amounts that can provide huge nutritional benefits. The reason for this classification is it’s incredibly complex mineral and health acid complex.

Research in Western and Modern Alternative Medicine

In modern times there is less research done in western medicine and although studies showed a mild benefit there is not element of Shilajit that can be extracted from the substance that could be patented to merit major investment.

The other thing limiting further research into the substance is that it must be mined from remote locations in the Himalayas. This leads to high prices and very limited supply which is not helpful to big business internationally be it alternative medicine and healing or western medicine.

What is Shilajit used for in Treatment?

In Ayurveda shilajit powder is primarily used to treat ulcers. In tandem with Triphala in treating indigestion and to boost Prana which would be to increase overall energy and vitality.

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