Let’s Decorate Your Bedroom Shelves!

Bedroom shelves do not have to be boring as there are many ways to keep them minimal, organized and beautiful to look at. Shelves are not just storage solutions but can also be a simple way to incorporate decor into space. Here are some tips to decorate bedroom shelves:

Start from Scratch

If you have an existing shelf, the first step is to clear everything from it and have a fresh start. It enables you to spring clean the frame, handle any repairs and add a fresh coat of paint if necessary for a crisp look before you start decorating. It also helps to accommodate new ideas to revamp your space. If getting the shelves for the first time, ensure they are a decent size, and you can play around with the design. Many floating shelf designs are simple to install and are beautiful to the eye.

Use Books

Books are versatile decor pieces and suit any room. You can add as few or as many books as you prefer on your shelves to instantly make the shelf stand out while still looking organized. Depending on what you have or your budget, you can use real books from your collection or buy decor books that come in different styles to suit this purpose.

Use Baskets

If your shelves are functional and used to store different items, baskets help organize a shelf. They help group similar items together, making it easier to find what you are looking for any time. Baskets are also decorative, and you can find them affordably in different styles, including plastic and woven baskets.

Maintain a Color Scheme

Sticking to specific colors helps your bedroom shelves adjust to the theme of the rest of the room. Modern and minimalistic spaces tend to stick to neutrals, whereas anyone who likes color can play around with non-muted colors to decorate shelving in the bedroom. For more ideas on the same, you can find more inspiration on https://journal.tylko.com/7-how-to-tips-to-help-style-your-bedroom-shelves/.

Have Variety

To keep your shelves looking interesting, consider using a variety of items to decorate. You don’t want to do too much, but having a variety adds life to space and makes it look functional. You can use candles, vases, carvings and artifacts, books, small succulents and bonsai, books and more. Personality plays a role in the choice of decor, and you can use whatever you have and organize it creatively on shelves for decor.