How Pharmaceuticals Patent Shilajit

Note: This article reads like a conspiracy theory although it isn’t to far from the truth of how big pharma operates.

Whenever a great supplement like Shilajit comes to the light that just plain works. It is custom for the pharmaceutical companies to patent it.

The reason for the patents is for two purposes First to be able to sue supplement companies out of business if they wish to compete with them. Second a different type of patent to be able to take a natural supplement based off of Shilajit Powder but cheaper and exclusive to them. Gotta Love big business.

Lawsuit Style Shilajit Patents

This patent is filed as a general overview of the proven effectiveness and facts about Mumijo. What every supplement company that sells Shilajit will share. Then they follow it up with the basic refining process to effectively isolate the active ingredients.

This information and process if very close to what anyone purifying and selling the natural compound is going to be doing. Close enough that even if a company is not infringing on this patent the pharmaceutical company can still operate on the assumption that they are. Take them to court and force a small business to prove that they do indeed have a original process.

They will have to hire experts and quality lawyers to defend themselves and after months to even years in court they will end up settling for a debt load that will bury there business or alternatively to just bankrupt.

The Cheap Shilajit Patent


Shilajit is proven to be effective but right now it is not a craze so a patent such as Exhibit B is not in use yet. But that doesn’t stop them from patenting it just in case.

If it ever become a mainstream fad what the big nutraceutical companies have this patent for when they finish suing their competition (the businesses with market share) off of the shelves.

To distract from the lawsuit they put out a lot of press about how Mumijo has been found to have fatal impurities if refined incorrectly. Be sure to only purchase from a major trusted brand.

Then they put out a big trusted version of Shilajit with a patented formula. Exhibit B is a perfect example. They take a very effective formula naturally created by the Himalayan mountains themselves and used for thousands of years. Then after purifying this fulvic acid rich substance they cut it with a cheap version of fulvic acid and cheap vitamins and minerals. This way they can cut the cost of the product and maximize profit.

With a bunch of brands collapsed under the cost of lawsuits and the ones remaining week from the hemerage of capital big pharma sweeps in to take take a majority market share with a big marketing budget and a inferior but cheap to manufacture