Bone Fracture Healing

Bone Fracture Healing

You can strengthen the bones of a child or adult after the fracture using various methods. In medical practice, orthopedic devices, pharmacological preparations, and nutrition correction have proven themselves well.

How does osseous fusion flow in case of the fracture ? 

Direct or indirect intense exposure is the cause of bone integrity disorders. Fractures happen due to a direct impact, a fall, a car accident, or an industrial accident. But whatever the reason for such a serious injury, the subsequent adequate fusion occurs in several specific stages:

  • Development of the inflammatory process. Due to damage to soft tissues by fragments, a pathological focus is formed. The immune system begins to intensively produce white blood cells, macrophages, and prostaglandins. They lead to inflammation and simultaneously stimulate the formation of young and healthy cells.
  • Formation of a soft corn. At the initial stage, the fibrous tissue, devoid of any functional activity, helps to fuse the fragments and prevent their displacement.
  • Formation of a hard corn. Gradually, the soft-tissue corn is transformed into a hard, more durable one. This is not yet a full-fledged bone, but it copes with its task — it keeps the fragments in an anatomical position.

At the final stage, remodeling takes place. The bone structure acquires integrity and becomes strong. It restores its blood supply with nutrients and bioactive substances, normalizes trophic and innervation.

Factors affecting the recovery of the bones

The speed of fusion is affected by the age of the injured person. As the body ages naturally, the recovery processes slow down and the production of collagen decreases. Therefore, treatment and rehabilitation of a child will take less time than an elderly person. What else becomes determining the speed of bone fusion factors:

  1. the shape of the fracture. Regeneration will be faster with a closed injury. An open fracture is accompanied by significant ruptures of soft tissues, muscles, ligamentous tendon apparatus, nerves and blood vessels;
  2. tubular hollow bones recover more slowly than spongy ones, and small ones heal faster than large ones;
  3. General damage to the musculoskeletal system. If the fracture is combined with serious soft tissue injuries, then there is a high risk of infection and, consequently, slow regeneration. This is also true for multiple injuries, since the body evenly distributes resources to all broken bones;
  4. the presence of chronic diseases, slow metabolism. Many pathologies disrupt the course of recovery processes, such as diabetes, kidney or liver failure;
  5. During gestation, the growing fetus “robs” nutrient materials from mother’s organism, taking calcium, phosphorus and fat-soluble vitamins necessary for their absorption.

The speed of fusion is also affected by first aid measures – proper immobilization, stopping bleeding. The earlier the injured person was taken to a hospital, the shorter would be the recovery period.

The duration of the coalescence of bones after fracture

With a good metabolism, small bones (wrist bones, metatarsophalangeal bones) of young people and children can grow together in 2-3 weeks. The duration of rehabilitation is already included in this period. Medium-sized bones (ribs, shoulder bones) can heal in 2-3 months. First, the patient stays 1-2 weeks in the hospital under the supervision of medical staff, and then treatment continues at home. Large pelvic bones grow together most slowly — the patient returns to an active lifestyle after 5-7 months.

For elderly people, these terms are increased by 1.5 times. Especially dangerous at this age is a fracture of the femoral neck. Leg functions are often not restored at all, the person is forced to move on crutches. To prevent such situation, you need to create all the conditions for high-quality rehabilitation.

How to speed up the fusion process ? How to speed up the fusion of bones after fractures  – carefully follow medical recommendations, do not skip medication, have a plan of physical activity. You should regularly visit a trauma specialist to assess the effectiveness of treatment.

Medical care for rapid bone fusion

At the initial stage, surgical treatment is practiced. Severed ligaments and tendons are stitched together, nerve integrity is quickly restored, and blood clots are removed. Then the actual period of rehabilitation begins. For several weeks or months, all therapeutic methods are used to accelerate healing after the fracture. In a hospital setting, the bone is immobilized to prevent the fragments from shifting relative to each other. How to cure fractures quickly:

  1. physiotherapy. With the help of UHF, ultrasound and inductothermy, they improve blood circulation and cope with inflammatory edema;
  2. antibiotic therapy. Course of taking of antibiotics helps to avoid infection of tissues.

During rehabilitation, patients are shown electrophoresis with chondroprotectors, analgesics, and calcium solutions. They stimulate fusion and sessions of laser therapy, remote and application magnetotherapy, alternating and direct currents.

How to speed up the healing of a fracture at home?

How to speed up bone fusion in fractures – improve the functioning of all life systems. This will increase the speed of regeneration processes due to high-quality assimilation of bioactive substances, proper blood supply to the damaged part of the body. Bones with a fracture will recover faster if the following conditions are met:

  1. correction of the composition and nutrition standards, inclusion in the daily menu of products with a high content of vitamins, micro-and macroelements;
  2. additional intake of balanced vitamin and mineral complexes;
  3. smoking cessation, complete exclusion of any alcoholic beverages;
  4. semi-bed rest, moderate physical activity, no serious loads on the damaged bone.

But also, a sedentary lifestyle is strongly recommended by traumatologists. This will cause poor blood circulation, weakening and even complete atrophy of the muscles.

Folk methods

What will speed up the fusion:

  1. Aloe. 5-6 drops of natural juice, diluted in a small amount of water, will increase the speed of healing of broken bones;
  2. Eggshell. Crushed to a powder state, the shell should be eaten by a teaspoon 2-3 times a day;
  3. Shilajit for fractures, Shilajit for the treatment of fractures. Shilajit has a highly effective stimulating effect on the healing process of fractures, the time of fusion is reduced to 16-20 days. During the most critical period of bone regeneration (10-15 days after injury), Shilajit increases the concentration of alkaline phosphatase, and in the following days, when the need for this enzyme gradually disappears, it significantly reduces it. Shilajit has a pronounced normalizing effect on the level of potassium, calcium and inorganic phosphorus, it promotes the growth of bone tissue from the bone marrow and periosteum a massive bone callus fills the gaps between the bone fragments. Many practitioners in the field of traumatology recommend using this product during rehabilitation as an additional tool for bone fusion, increasing immunity and accelerating tissue regeneration.

What is the benefit and how to take in Shilajit in case of broken bones?

Dosages and course of therapy. Weight, age, and severity of injury are factors that determine the dosage of the medicine. In order to restore damaged tissues as soon as possible, you need to take shilajit in 1 time a day.  Treatment of fractures with mumiyo will be effective if the correct dosage is calculated: for example, 0.2 grams of shilajit per 50 kg of weight, and 0.5 grams per 90 kg. Taking the resin on an empty stomach, we activate its action. According to this scheme, it is necessary to take Altai Shilajit for three weeks – a month. You should not stop taking shilajit, since the entire body with fractures and various injuries of bone and connective tissues requires a long-term complex impact.

External use of shilajit for fractures. After the plaster is removed, patients complain of pain. To get rid of it, use a small amount of liquid honey with 1 gram of mumiyo. The mixture should be applied to a gauze or other bandage, put on the place where the sensations are most unpleasant. It is recommended to apply a wrap over the bandage. Using this method, you can get rid of pain and accelerate tissue regeneration.

Home ointment after fractures Detailed recipe
Anesthetic Grind to a homogeneous state a tablespoon of honey and salt, add 2 drops of rosemary essential oil
Anti-inflammatory Mix a teaspoon of salt, turpentine and honey. Enter a drop of essential oils of pine, cypress, 150 g of fat baby cream
Regenerating Grind a tablespoon of turpentine oil and fat sour cream. Without ceasing to mix, add 150 g of vaseline


Physical activity.  Physical education and gymnastics play an important role in the treatment of fractures. A set of exercises is prepared by the physical therapy doctor taking into account the type and complexity of the injury, the severity of inflammation, and the degree of damage to the ligaments and tendons. We must take into account the patient’s age, general health condition, and the presence of chronic diseases. How to strengthen bones after fractures, accelerate their regeneration helps therapeutic exercise:

  • restores lost functions;
  • increases strength and endurance;
  • provides functional adaptation of the patient;
  • strengthens the muscle corset;
  • activates vital organs and systems.

Regular training is indicated for both children and adults to strengthen the musculoskeletal system. They begin a few days later, after a person has broken an arm or leg. First, the loads are strictly dosed, and then the amplitude of movements is constantly increased.

What should be in the diet. The therapeutic diet accelerates the fusion of fragments, strengthens the musculoskeletal system. What to use during the rehabilitation period:

  • low-fat cheeses, other dairy products – ryazhenka, kefir;
  • boiled eggs, steam omelets;
  • buckwheat, rice porridge with milk, steamed oat bran;
  • vegetable and cottage cheese casseroles;
  • biscuits, cookies from unenriched dough, caramel;
  • salads from fresh vegetables.

It is allowed to add home-made tomato or sour cream sauces to dishes to improve the taste. Fruits and vegetables should be eaten fresh and baked.

In order for bone fragments to grow together faster, it is advisable to use all methods of treatment at the same time: taking medications, physiotherapy, and diet. A comprehensive approach to the treatment of fractures is practiced, which allows to avoid severe complications — the formation of ossifications and post-traumatic contractures, the development of arthrosis.